VENDORS AT OKTOBERFEST – Vendor Registration

Any entries received after 7/1/2022 will increase by an additional $50.00.

***size variations will result in additional fees or removal from the event without refund***

After completing and returning the registration form and required fees, your request will be reviewed by the Oktoberfest Committee for approval. ** Mandatory Vendor Meeting 1 week prior to event where you will receive a packet stating the Terms and Conditions including new arrival times & set up instructions for the 2022 event.   ***IMPORTANT:  Mobile Vending Units must have your City of Belleville Vendor License by date of Vendor Meeting or you will be excluded from the event without refund.  Please bring copy of license to vendor meeting.

All Vendors will keep proceeds from their booth.  Each vendor will be responsible for all cash transactions at their own booth as well as all supplies needed in their booth and clean-up of their designated area. *NOTE:   All participating vendors will be required to meet city and safety regulations provided by the committee.  Also, please be aware that an additional fee may be charged if your designated area had not been cleaned properly or damage was caused to city property causing additional expense to the committee in the past year or current year.

All registrations are final, if for any reason you are unable to fulfill your commitment the weekend of the event, the Oktoberfest will not issue refunds on booth fees.

Vendor Application Fee – 12 x 12 booth


Vendor Application Fee 12 x 12 up to 24 x 12 booth


Vendor Application Fee 25 x 12 up to 30 x 12 booth